Member Advisory from Local 2455 Health and Safety Officers

Subject: Recommendations for protection from exposure to COVID-19

Local 2455 Members,

National Border Patrol Council, Local 2455, has become aware of several Health and Safety Issues that are arising due to the threat of exposure to the Corona Virus known as COVID-19. Several measures are being taken to ensure that proper supplies are available to Border Patrol Agents and support staff. Many issues have been addressed to Laredo Sector management to ensure that BPAs and support staff are operating in the safest work environment amid this pandemic.

As we struggle at a local, national and worldwide level, we must also ensure that personal protection equipment (PPE) are used in a proper way. We deal with traveling public who may not be showing symptoms of the virus but could possibly be carrying the virus COVID-19.

Below are the suggested guidelines when working in, but not limited to, the processing area, checkpoints, commonly shared workspaces and with any other environment where exposure could be possible.

·Wash hands regularly
·Use hand sanitizers when washing hands is not available
·Keep social distance
·Avoid shaking hands or having any unnecessary contact with others
·Avoid touching your face
·Avoid handling documents when unnecessary (visual inspection can achieve a thorough inspection)
·Clean work area regularly
·Change out disposable gloves regularly
·Use new gloves when handling common area items (e.g. door handles, computers, telephones, kitchen items, etc.)
·When using gloves, ensure that you do not touch personal items that you may be contaminating (e.g. personal cell phone)
·When using an N95 mask, avoid touching the mask itself once its donned. Touching it will only contaminate your hands or gloves.
·Do NOT place the N95 mask below your chin or above your head. Doing so will only expose to all the contaminants that have been filtered out by the mask.
·The N95 should only be removed when disposing of the mask. Ensure that you grab the straps from the back of your head and handle the mask only by the straps before removing it and disposing of it.
·Use extra precaution and PPEs when dealing with detainees, conducting secondary inspections, etc.

NBPC Local 2455 cares for the safety of our Border Patrol Agents and support staff and is working diligently to assure its members that they have a sanitary work environment during these trying times. We are asked to continue our duties of protecting our nation while history is being made during this worldwide pandemic.

We share common goals to return home safely and this includes protecting our families at home from this deadly virus. We ask our members to do their part and to help continue our best efforts to curtail the risks of exposure to COVID-19.

Jesse Navarro
Frank Villareal
Enrique Rico
Local 2455 Health and Safety Officers

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