The National Border Patrol Council Local 2455 and the US Border Patrol Laredo Sector invite you to enjoy and listen to our guest speaker, Mr. Joe Piersante

Mr. Piersante will be in Laredo at the Union Hall on January 17, 2023 & January 18, 2023, to present to as many LRT employees, their families, and Union community partners as possible.  

Joe Piersante is a 23-year veteran of the United States Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and provides presentations on overcoming adversity. During his time with the DEA, Special Agent Piersante was assigned to complex narcotics investigations, clandestine laboratory investigations and deployed with a DEA’s Foreign Advisory Support Team (FAST). Assigned to a Delta Team for three tours to Afghanistan and Honduras.

While serving on a counter narcotics mission in Afghanistan, Joe survived a Taliban sniper round through the frontal lobe which left him blind. Joe’s long path of recovery is an amazing journey. He has shared his story and secrets to overcoming the odds and adversity with audiences across the country. His presentation provides audiences valuable insight by sharing stories of his life experiences, setbacks, life lessons and motivates people to overcome hardships and achieve their goals.

Participants at his speaking engagements appreciate his unique sense of humor, positive perspective on life, and his ability to inspire others. He acknowledges that everyone faces adversity at some point in their life, and is quick to point out that it is how you rebound from these hard times that really defines you as a person and will ultimately determine your happiness.

Joe inspires audiences by explaining that we can’t control the unfortunate things that inevitably happen in our lives, but we can control how we react to them. Your mindset and attitude can help you turn your breakdowns into breakthroughs, and help you look at negative experiences as opportunities and a new start. 

Visit Joe’s Website to learn more: https://joep.us/

Mr. Piersante will have four sessions during these two days. If you are interested in attending On-Duty or Off-Duty, please let us know which session you would like to attend and the number of attendees. 

To accommodate, please contact a member of the Local 2455 Executive Board as soon as possible but no later than by January 14, 2023 if you wish to attend:

LRN Oscar Vela          cell: (956) 285-6501

LRS Oscar Pollorena  cell: (956) 473-9440

LRW Enrique Rico       cell: (956) 220-9277
COT Sergio Moreno    cell: (956) 763-3644

FRR Jesse Navarro     cell: (713) 858-5136

HEB  Uriel Lopez        cell: (956) 220-8122

LZT   Hector Garza     cell: (956) 489-1370
Below are the details for each session.
January 17, 2023
9:00 am – 11:00 am
3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
January 18, 2023
9:00 am – 11:00 am
3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Local 2455 Union HQ
6422 Sinatra Parkway
Laredo, TX 78041

Thank you for your continued support!