Collective Bargaining Agreement: Article 28 – SHIFT TRADE/DAYS OFF SWAPS

Local 2455 Members,

As we begin another 4 month rotation of shift bids, we would like to remind you that under Article 28 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), employees can request to trade their shift and/or can request to swap days off with other employees of the same tour of duty.

This is a great avenue to explore in case you didn’t get the shift that you requested during the bid for shift process or if you did not get your requested days off. Remember that a shift trade does not have to involve a trade for the entire four months.

Article 28 Tours of Duty states:

D. Nothing in this article will preclude Agents from swapping assigned days off duty with other employees from the same tour of duty.

H. Where mutually agreeable to all employees affected, and approved by the supervisor, employees may trade shifts out of the normal rotation. The supervisor will not unreasonably withhold approval of a request to trade shifts.

Please contact a Union Representative at your station if you have any questions regarding Shift Trades or Days Off Swaps.