Local 2455 meets with USBP CPA Carla Provost and with LRT Interim CPA Felix Chavez

Members of the Local 2455 Executive Board recently met with USBP Chief Patrol Agent (CPA) Carla Provost and with newly appointed LRT Interim Chief Patrol Agent (CPA) Felix Chavez.

During the meeting, CPA Provost and CPA Chavez expressed their strong commitment to support our agents and support staff in light of the recent events in the Laredo Sector.  CPA Provost and CPA Chavez discussed their vision for the Laredo Sector and expressed their continued support for Deputy Chief Patrol Agent (DCPA) Jason Owens and the rest of the LRT Command Staff.

CPA Chavez was very attentive to our message and left the door open for continued communication between Local 2455 and LRT Management.  Local 2455 and Laredo Sector Management are committed to developing a positive and effective labor/management relationship that will benefit the bargaining-unit employees, the U.S. Border Patrol and the public’s interest.

Finally, Local 2455 would like to thank CPA Provost for visiting the Laredo Sector during these difficult times and for taking the time to meet with Border Patrol Agents and Support Staff.