Aggravated Felon/Illegal Alien Convicted for attempting to drown Border Patrol Agent

Aggravated Felon/Illegal Alien, Convicted of Firearms Charges, Illegal Entry into the US, Assaults on Law Enforcement Officers, P.O.S. and Latin King Member was convicted for trying to drown a Border Patrol Agent in the Rio Grande River near Zacate Creek in Laredo, Texas.

During the struggle, the illegal alien held one of the Border Patrol agents under water until a second agent came to his rescue.

Great job by our Border Patrol Agents in apprehending this dangerous criminal and keeping him from entering the United States.

During sentencing, US District Judge Marina Marmolejo warned the subject, stating that things could have gone very wrong, including being shot.

Border Patrol Agents have extremely dangerous jobs. Next time you see a BPA, thank them for keeping all of us safe. They have a very dangerous job and just like you and me they want to get home to their families at the end of a long day.

Great work by Attorney George Altgelt for representing our Brave Border Patrol Agents in this case.

Thanks to the local FBI office and US Attorneys office for their diligence on this case.

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