Update Your Contact Info with AFGE, NBPC, and Local 2455

 Update Your Contact Information

with AFGE, NBPC and Local 2455

How To Update Your Contact Information on www.afge.org

 -Go to web page: www.afge.org

-Place your cursor over the Log In button (don’t press it yet).

-When the Log In button is highlighted, it will display Username and Password.

-If you already have an account, Proceed As Instructed.

-If you do not have an account, choose Create Username.

-Follow the instructions on how to set up your New Account.

-The website will ask you for your SSN and the Zip Code on file in order to create an account.

-If the SSN and Zip Code do not match what the website has on file, it will ask you for your Member Number.

-Contact Secretary/Treasurer Hector Garza at (956) 489-1370 to obtain your Member Number.

-Secretary/Treasurer Hector Garza can also update your contact information for you.

 Contact information should be kept up to date in order to receive important notices (NBPC Lawsuit, Local Election Information, AFGE Benefits, etc.) from AFGE, NBPC and Local 2455.