Round 2 for the 1st announcement has been completed. Those agents paired up during this 2nd round should have already received notification via gov mail.

Round 2 consisted of Agents who did not make a pairing in the 1st Round and those Agents who were negatively impacted by declinations.

A total of 17 Laredo Sector Agents were paired up during the 2nd Round.

The Agents that were paired up during the 2nd Round will have till November, 21, 2015 to respond, if they are still interested.

No matter the outcome of the 2nd Round, there will not be a Round 3 for this 1st announcement.

As for the 1st Round Agents;

All agreed upon pairings have been forwarded up to OBP in DC. OBP is batching up the pairings to send out to the individual Sectors. Once the Sectors get them, they will begin vetting and validating the Agents at the Sector level.

We are hoping that this process will only take about 45 days.

Local 2455 will make contact with Laredo Sector Management to make sure the vetting process runs as smooth as possible.

Stay Safe,

Hector Garza

President, Local 2455