Please review your Nationwide Swap (NWS) Application


The NBPC has identified several issues with the application process of the Nationwide Swaps (NWS) that need to be remedied by those employees who submitted requests for swaps.

Employees who have submitted an application to the USBP Nationwide Swap Program should review their application prior to the September 5, 2015, deadline.

Employees should ensure that they:

1) Entered their name correctly and that it corresponds to their official government email address. Some employees have put their first name last and last name first.

2) Entered a correct EOD date (not SCD date). Some employees have inputted the wrong EOD, including one employee who entered a 2020 EOD.

3) Made a selection for swaps. Some employees have not made a selection at all.

4) Used only their login credentials to create an application. Some employees have used a co-worker’s account to create their request.

Please share this information with our brothers and sisters in green.

Thank you for your continued support.

Stay safe,

Hector Garza President Local 2455