NBPC Notice BPAPRA FLSA Exemption


The Union was notified today that effective Pay Period 8 (current pay period covering April 19, 2015 – May 2, 2015), the agency will cease paying FLSA, as they are claiming that OPM has classified BPA’s as FLSA-exempt upon passage of the BPAPRA into law on December 18, 2015.

The notification states, “As a result, FLSA payments will not be processed or included in paychecks for Border Patrol Agents beginning in pay period 08…”

Furthermore, they informed us that they are also eliminating and prohibiting the use of “excludable days” when calculating the average of AUO.

Their notification and message also states that they will provide further information on or about May 8, 2015, concerning the “erroneous payments of pay or allowances.”

This is extremely disturbing news and shows the clear disconnect between those in Washington, D.C. and those agents whom they claim that they care about and are looking out for.

Please see the attached memorandum served by the Agency on NBPC President Brandon Judd.

Stay Safe,

Hector Garza President Local 2455