Message to Border Patrol Agents represented by Local 2455

Message to Border Patrol Agents represented by Local 2455 from current Lubbock, Texas Mayor and Congressional Candidate for the 19th District Mr. Glen Robertson.

Local 2455,

I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to show me the “real” border and for explaining the obstacles that our brave men and women serving in the Border Patrol face on a daily basis.

I am alarmed by the low morale and the total lack of support our agents receive from appointed bureaucrats and administrative officials. I want you to know that National Security is my number one issue as I continue my quest to serve in Congress and that border security is my highest priority to achieve a secure nation.

Please pass my appreciation along to the agents that are risking their lives daily to protect our citizens from the cartels and other threats that cross our borders daily.

As I told you in Laredo, I will vow to support our Border Patrol Agents and fight to get them the tools and support they so desperately need and will demand Congressional hearings on the systematic attacks that the appointed bureaucrats are making against our agents. The recent events concerning Agent Brandon Judd and his courage to speak the truth despite allegations from the CBP Commissioner are an example of just how broken our system really is and I will fight to stop this kind of administrative abuse.

Thank you again for your willingness and courage to be very candid with me and for showing me the actual problems our agents face. I appreciate your service to our country and our agents passion in trying to protect our citizens.


Glen Robertson