H.R. 2252 has been signed into Law by President Obama

Earlier today Senate Bill 1356 introduced by US Senator Ron Johnson (Wisconsin) passed the US Senate.  S1356 is the Senate version of H.R. 2252.

H.R. 2252 introduced by US Representative Will Hurd has been signed into law this evening by the President of the United States Barack Obama.

This Bill will restore FLSA compensation for Border Patrol Agents until January 2016, when the Border Patrol Agent Pay Reform Act of 2014 (BPAPRA) should be fully implemented by the Agency.

We are extremely hopeful that the immediate restoration of FLSA compensation will allow for payment to be made to US Border Patrol Agents within the current paycheck.

We would like to thank everyone involved in ensuring this bill would be signed into law.

Our dedicated and hardworking United States Border Patrol Agents appreciate everyone’s support in ensuring that the men and women who keep our country safe are rightfully and properly compensated.

As always, thank you for everything you do to protect our country from those individuals that intend to cause us harm. Thank you for your support.