Local 2455 Members,

Laredo Sector Border Patrol K9 Handlers are being notified of an “Indirect Exposure to COVID-19” at the workplace.

The indirect exposure to COVID-19 was as a result of a K9 Supervisor’s spouse that tested positive for COVID-19. The status of the K9 Supervisor or test results for COVID-19 for that K9 supervisor are unknown at this time. However, the Union is closely monitoring the situation to ensure that all employees properly document the direct/indirect exposure via a “Memo to File.”

The indirect exposure took place at the Laredo North Station (LRN) on March 23, 2020, while conducting K9 training, K9 certifications and possibly other direct/indirect exposure while at the LRN station. On this day, the K9 Supervisor had “Close and Sustained Contact” with numerous Border Patrol K9 Handlers during K9 training and possibly other Border Patrol employees at the LRN station.

If you believe you were directly or indirectly exposed to COVID-19 or to the K9 Supervisor on March 23, 2020, please contact a Local 2455 Union Representative so we may assist you in documenting the exposure via a “Memo to File.”

Documenting this exposure via a memo to file is crucial in ensuring that the Office of Workers Compensation Program (OWCP) approves any claim that might be filed with the Department of Labor because of a work-related injury/exposure. Please keep in mind that when filing an OWCP claim, the employee has the burden of proof to show that the injury/exposure actually took place at the workplace. This means that as employees, we are responsible for gathering any evidence that will help us prove our OWCP claim. This is the reason why this exposure/injury needs to be documented via a memo to file and once symptoms are present, then a CA-1 can be filed.

Finally, we would like to remind you to continue to exercise social distancing and to take preventative measures at the workplace in order to minimize the risk to COVID-19.

We will continue to pray for the K9 Supervisor, the spouse and everyone affected by COVID-19.

Thank you for your continued support!

Stay safe,

Hector Garza
Local 2455