Update regarding NBPC’s COVID-19 Hazard Duty Pay Lawsuit

Do I sign up for the NBPC Lawsuit or the AFGE Lawsuit?

AFGE recently sent emails to union members about changes to AFGE’s COVID-19 hazard duty pay lawsuit, which was a class-action case for all federal employees to receive hazard duty pay, regardless of their job.

Their case now requires people to individually sign up for their lawsuit because a similar class-action lawsuit for another group of employees was recently dismissed.

However, the NBPC’s COVID-19 Hazard Duty Pay lawsuitwhich was announced in August 2021, already requires members to individually sign up for the lawsuit, which thousands of members have already done.

You cannot be part of both lawsuits (NBPC Lawsuit and AFGE Lawsuit), so if you have joined the NBPC’s lawsuit, do not sign up for AFGE’s lawsuit because you cannot be part of two cases over the same issue.

If you are part of the NBPC’s lawsuit and have already also joined AFGE’s lawsuit, contact AFGE’s law firm to have your name removed.

AFGE’s law firm can be contacted at: COVID19HazardPay@KCNLaw.com

If you would like to confirm if you are part of the NBPC’s case, you can contact the law firm at 202-833-8855 or info@mselaborlaw.com.

If you would like to join the NBPC’s lawsuit, click here for more information.


The NBPC lawsuit focuses solely on Hazard Pay claims related to Border Patrol Agents and Support Staff, which makes the hazard pay claims stronger.

The AFGE lawsuit focuses on Hazard Pay claims related to any and all Federal Employees (civilian staff, non-law enforcement, teleworkers, employee with little to no public contact, etc.).

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