Union Meeting 10/5/2022 @ 7pm

We will be holding our Union meeting on Wednesday, October 5, 2022 at 7pm.  The meeting will be held at the Union Headquarters located at 6422 Sinatra Parkway in Laredo, TX.  


1.   Discipline Case Roundup

2.   Continuing Resolution signed by President Biden

3.   Unfair Labor Practice Charges filed by Local 2455

4.   OSHA Complaint (Possible Mold at ECPC)

5.   Weingarten Rights

6.   Detail Selection Procedures: Appendix III of the CBA`

7.   BPA Trainee Academy Injuries/Separations/Alternative Employment Options

8.   COVID & Continuation of Pay (COP)

9.   Off Duty Law Enforcement Encounters/Reporting Obligations

Clear Choice ER will be present to provide information on the Medical Services they offer to Agents On and Off Duty.

Dinner and Beverages will be served to all attendees.  We hope to see you there!