SPECIAL GUEST: NBPC Attorney Rodney Sipes

Thank you NBPC Attorney Rodney Sipes for giving a presentation to Union Members regarding On-Duty Critical Incidents.

An important benefit you have as a member of the National Border Patrol Council is the Union’s PORAC Legal Defense Fund which is activated when you are involved in a CRITICAL INCIDENT.  This important benefit provides you with attorney representation for any conduct related to the course and scope of your duty that might subject you to civil and/or criminal action for simply doing your job.

What is a Critical Incident?

Any sudden event involving an agent that results in an immediate investigation with no advance notice to the subject agent and potentially resulting in arrest, suspension, termination of and/or civil lawsuit against the subject agent.  

Specifically, the Legal Defense Fund is activated when you are involved in critical incidents such as:

  • Agent involved shootings (whether on or off duty);
  • In-custody deaths;
  • Discharge of a firearm;
  • Use of Force;
  • Vehicle Accidents while transporting suspects or result in death/serious injury;and/or
  • Any other allegation of on-duty criminal conduct.

If you are involved in a critical incident, please contact your Union Representative immediately so we may assist you.

Thank you for your continued support!

Stay safe,
Hector Garza, President Local 2455
hgaza@bpunion.org cell: 956.489.1370