Press Conference: Border Patrol Overtime Provision

Back in 2014 under the Obama Administration, Border Patrol Agents took about a $7,000 pay cut when we were transitioned from one overtime pay system to another. When we transitioned overtime pay systems, we went from earning time and half for our overtime hours to earning straight time for those same overtime hours.

We told the Obama Administration that taking away time and half overtime would lead to recruitment and retention issues. Without the time and a half overtime, we would no longer have pay parity with other federal law enforcement agencies. We were right back then and we have been losing Border Patrol Agents to other law enforcement agencies ever since.

This Overtime Provision would restore time and half overtime for Border Patrol Agents at the GS-12 level. This is major victory for our Agents and will dramatically increase border security because we will be able to Retain and Recruit Border Patrol Agents.

The law, H.R. 2670, immediately provides GS-12 Border Patrol Agents with an additional 50% of their hourly rate (time and a half) for the obligated overtime hours worked under the BPAPRA.