Over 180 illegal aliens found in Laredo, TX Stash Houses

Laredo, TX – This week, within a span of 12 hours, Laredo Sector agents Border Patrol Agents working with the Laredo Police Department, Webb-County Constable Pct 2, and federal law enforcement partners, discovered and dismantled three residential properties throughout Laredo that were being utilized as human smuggling stash houses.

The stash houses were discovered in the South, Central, and North Laredo. One residence was discovered in north Laredo near a church and the Laredo Country Club. Packed inside were 65 undocumented individuals. A second stash house was located in central Laredo near a school.

A total of 68 undocumented individuals were arrested at that location.The third stash house was found in southeast Laredo near a city park. After searching the property, 50 undocumented individuals were found throughout the residential property.