JOB SWAP PROGRAM: Memorandum of Understanding between Laredo Sector and NBPC Local 2455

The National Border Patrol Council Local 2455 and the US Border Patrol Laredo Sector have entered into an agreement regarding the LRT Job Swap Program.  

The LRT Job Swap program will allow eligible BPA’s from different duty stations within LRT to request and be approved to exchange positions within the LRT Stations.  This Job Swap Program will be limited to within LRT, not other Sectors.  

USBP LRT Sector and the Union are working on the sharepoint program that will be used by BPA’s wishing to solicit a Job Swap.

Please note that Non-Uniform employees and Professional Staff will be allowed to participate in this Job Swap Program, provided they are subject to the same provisions and requirements contained in this MOU.

Please familiarize yourself with the attached Job Swap Program MOU.

Thank you for your continued support!