Max length of non-per diem details extended

Near the end of June 2023, in response to employees having to decide between continuing to take care of a family member on non-per diem (NPD) detail or going on leave without pay or resigning, the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) raised the issue with then US Border Patrol (USBP) Chief Raul Ortiz, not long before he retired.

The NPD detail policy limited employees to a total of 180 days on an NPD detail. Unfortunately, the 180 day max limit on NPD did not always comport with the medical issues that caused employees to need to be on the detail in the first place. As a result, after discussing the issue with the NBPC, USBP has changed the policy to allow for NPD details to last for a maximum of one year.

The policy document has not yet been updated, but all sectors and stations were notified in June 2023 that employees are no longer limited to 180 days.

If an issue arises that causes you to need to go on a non-per diem detail, please ask a union representative for help and know that you now have up to one year to spend time helping resolve the issue.