Local 2455 Pre-Retirement Seminar August 29, 2019

Local 2455 and Benefits Architect will be hosting a pre-retirement seminar on August 29, 2019. This seminar is open to all Local 2455 members and their spouse/significant other. 

Attendees must attend in an off duty capacity. 

PLEASE NOTE: You will have two opportunities to attend this seminar, a morning class will be held from 9am-1pm and an evening class will be held from 5pm-9pm.  You choose which class best fits your schedule. 

The pre-retirement seminar is designed for federal employees at all stages of their careers; from the new employee who was hired last week, to the senior employee who will be retiring at the end of the year.

The following topics will be covered during the seminar:

* Retirement Eligibility

* FERS Pension Calculation

* Survivor Benefits

* Social Security Supplement

* Thrift Savings Plan

* Health Insurance after you retire

In order to attend this seminar, you must reserve your seat as space is limited. Please call, text or email Local 2455 Sgt. At Arms Clyde Fellows to reserve your seat. 

Mr. Clyde Fellows contact informations is: 

Cell: 210.823.3265

Email: clydef86@icloud.com

Local 2455 Pre-Retirement Seminar 




9am-1pm & 5pm-9pm

Choose one


L&F Community Room

410 Crossroads Loop

Laredo, TX 78045

Thank you for your continued support!