Local 2455 Election Results

Local 2455 Members,

The Local 2455 Executive Board Elections concluded on November 16, 2018 at 6:00pm.  

This election makes the Local 2455 Executive Board responsible to represent the over 1,500 Border Patrol agents and support staff employees of the Laredo Sector of the Border Patrol. The Executive Board is responsible for representing bargaining unit employees from all of the stations in the Laredo Sector and that is why these elections are vital to the success of this organization and vital to the success of each of your careers.

We would like to thank all of the Local 2455 members who rallied to get out the vote during our elections and would like to thank the Election Committee for the countless hours they spent away from their families in order to make this election happen.

Congratulations to all of the candidates that participated in this election and to everyone that participated in this election!

-Election Results-

Number of Ballots Counted: 199

Voided Ballots: 2


Hector Garza – Won by Acclimation

1st VP 

Andres Botello – 38 votes – 19.19%

Jared Gonzales – 160 votes – 80.8%

2nd VP

Jason Rodriguez – Won by Acclimation

3rd VP

Phillip Bollenbeck – 25 votes – 12.56%

Roberto Solis – 174 votes – 87.43%


Sergio Buriano – Won by Acclimation


Sergio Moreno – Won by Acclimation

Sgt At Arms

Isaias Juarez – 95 votes – 47.97%

Clyde Fellows – 92 votes – 46.46%

Caleb Pippin – 11 votes – 5.55%

Thank you for your continued support!