What will happen to me if furlough happens?

Good evening members

There were too many unknowns, even from Sector today.  The imminent Government Shutdown will cause an automatic furlough; we all know this by know. 

So who can get furloughed?  For the Border Patrol, is means all employee except those who are considered essential to operations. All essential employees will be expected to report to work as scheduled.  Essential personnel are considered to be all Border Patrol Agents, Mechanics, and LECAs. 

Mission Support, Seized Property Specialists, Paralegals, LER, Sector Counsel, and other support staff are nonessential employees and will be furloughed. 

All non- essential employees,  Agents and other essential employees cannot get paid will until a funding mechanism (appropriations bill or a CR) is put in place. The Union does not know if that will be days, weeks or months at this point.
All leave will be canceled, and if an essential employee takes any type of leave during the furlough he/she  will considered to be on furlough for the day but it is also reported by some managers that it will be unknown as to whether he/she will be allowed to return to work during the duration of the furlough.  
NOTE: Local 2455 will work to get clarity on this for our membership since different language is being used on this topic within the Laredo Sector and throughout other Sectors.

As far as Union representational duties, NO OFFICIAL TIME is allowed.

I myself have be watching the news to see how the POLITICIANS handle this crisis. In what condition will our Nation be tomorrow? I am not sure. But am sure most if not all Federal employees feel like they are held hostage by Political parties with ideological differences.

"A leader, any leader, must act for the benefit of others and not for oneself,"