Will the agency Furlough or NOT !!!!!!!!!

The below notification was sent the the National Border Patrol Council Local 2455 this afternoon. We wont know what happens until Monday September 30, 2013


Mr. Moreno,

This message provides advance notice to AFGE Local 2455, in accordance with Article 4, Section I of the negotiated agreement that Management intends to conduct discussions with employees during musters to explain the Department’s planning efforts to prepare for the potential lapse in appropriations.  Please identify ahead of time who and/or if someone will be representing the Union at these musters.  While the Administration is confident a lapse in appropriations will not occur, prudent planning efforts are well underway and CBP is rallying to provide information to the workforce to prepare for all contingencies, including the possibility that a lapse could occur at the end of the month. 

It is our intent to conduct “informal” discussions with employees during musters. The purpose of the discussion is to inform employees of their status in the event of the lapse of appropriations.  Employees will fall into one of three categories:

1.         Exempt employees are to be advised that they must continue to work during a lapse of appropriations.

2.         Non-exempt employees who are needed for the orderly cessation of activities will be advised to report to work on October 1, 2013, to perform the duties for an orderly shutdown.

3.         Non-exempt employees who will be furloughed effective October 1, 2013.

If you or the employees have furlough-related questions, they can refer to the Office of Personnel Management website at www.opm.gov/furlough.  The frequently asked questions (FAQs) are updated frequently and can be found under the “shutdown furlough” section. 

Another excellent resource is the CBP’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) during these uncertain times.  EAP is staffed to provide professional, confidential counseling, and EAP’s support is free of charge to employees.  If additional information or assistance is needed, employees can call to schedule an appointment (800) 755-7002.

Additional guidance/information will be provided for employees as it is received.

Thank you again for your continued patience as we navigate these difficult issues.