Upcoming Steward Training Session October 9-10, 2013

Union Representative's Training
Date: October 09-10th, 2013

Location: Embassy Suites Hotel 9am - 5pm
 Laredo Texas

Become a certified Union Representative for
Local 2455 of the National Border Patrol Council

This training will cover basic Union Representative's training.  The courses being provided will be very rigorous and informative.  The information and training will be intensive and rapidly paced.  There is a tremendous amount of information to be taught and provided to those who wish to become a Union Representative for their respective station.  This course is being done with a focus on those individuals that have a sincere interest and desire to become active Union Representatives

Only individuals that are serious about becoming an active Union Representative should apply to attend. This course is not being offered for personal knowledge or gain. 

Once the course is completed, the names of those individuals who have completed the course will be placed on the active Representative's list, identifying them as certified Union Representative's for their respective duty stations.

All materials needed for the completion of this course will be provided for those who attend.  All parties interested in attending this training must do so on their own time.  Lunch will be provided to all of those who attend.  You must be a dues-paying member in good standing in order to be allowed to attend this training.  Membership will be verified.

Local 2455 of the National Border Patrol Council does look forward to the training and preparation of dedicated individuals who wish to take on a leadership role as a Union Representative.

 For registration information contact Secretary / Treasurer Jose Morales at union2455@yahoo.com. Only candidates who per-register will be allowed to attend. 


The instructor for this class will be Paul Perez, President local 3307 and Regional Vice-President of the National Border Patrol Council.