The latest on AUO .....

Below is a message from our National Vice President who is in DC with other National Border Patrol Council leaders:

"As of today, the agency has yet to release a definitive plan regarding AUO & Furloughs. It's unfortunate that our members and their families are still left with a state of uncertainty; however, rest assured that the NBPC is still maintaining the pressure on DHS and CBP to preserve our AUO, rather than de-authorize, as is Congress.

Please continue pressing forward with us by sending the letters from the website to your Congressional Representatives. We must all work together to maintain a united front against any attempts at reducing our pay due to CBP's mismanagement of the CR's appropriated funds for Border Patrol agents. Although the information is extremely limited due to the agency's lack of transparency, I will keep you informed as much as I can." 

Paul Perez, NBPC National Vice President

Also, the office of Congressman Cuellar Office contact NBPC Local 2455 YESTERDAY and asked our Local specifically  to send a question in to be asked directly to Secretary Napolitano at todays appropriations hearing. The fact that they reached out directly to us is credit to our Local and the work that NBPC is doing. As a reminder, if you want to know what the decision makers are thinking, you can tune-on or catch it on the web today and tomorrow. The schedule is as follows:

These hearings should be carried on C-SPAN but can also be viewed online at
  • On Thursday, April 11th at 10AM Eastern, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano will be testifying before the House Committee on Appropriations regarding, "Budget Hearing - Department of Homeland Security."
  • On Friday, April 12th at 9AM Eastern, Acting Deputy Commissioner Thomas Winkowski will testify before the House Committee on Homeland Security regarding, "The Impact of Sequestration on Homeland Security: Scare Tactics or Possible Threat?"
  • On this same date,  National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd will also testify at this hearing. For those of you that got to hear him speak last week at our meeting, you know he is well versed on our issues. 

These hearings should be carried on C-SPAN but can also be viewed online at or