The most current information to pass on...

Border Patrol will NOT pay AUO for FY13 even though they have the money. This will leave the border far less secure.

Congress passed HR933 which gave CBP enough money to save Administratively Uncontrolled Overtime (AUO) & avoid furloughs. Customs & Border Protection has instead decided to continue with its attempts to slash the pay of Border Patrol agents. This is not mandated by any operational concerns. To the contrary, agents will be restricted to their basic 8 hour shift, which will not provide enough time to conduct basic law enforcement functions associated with protecting the border. Driving times alone will eat up at many hours at many stations, allowing only a few hours for actual patrolling. Enforcement activities will be crippled. Congress provided enough money to cover salaries and ensure that enforcement goes uninterrupted.

On paper, agents are eligible for other forms of overtime, but as I mention below, our Sector stations and the Union have already been informed that they going to 4 shifts within the Laredo Sector. At other Sectors throughout the Nation... 6 even 8 shifts per day are being implemented to ensure that no agent works beyond their 8 hour shift.

Our National Union Leadership had a conference call with CBP, they are moving forward with the de-authorization of AUO effective April 7, 2013, even though Congress passed the Continuing Resolution that fully appropriated CBP. CBP is claiming that they are 180 million below their "financial plan." Border Patrol agents have been thrown under the bus by CBP. The NBPC Leadership will be back in DC and we will not stop fighting.

I will continue to be in contact with our NBPC Leadership. They continue to fight the good fight and will not stand down.

We need everyone’s help. CALL CONGRESS NOW! Have your love ones call, have your friends call, have as many registered voters call and share their disgust with the decision of CBP and that of the Office of Border Patrol. 

Locally, within the Laredo Sector of the US Border Patrol, we have been served with notice of changing from 3 to 4 shifts for the following stations. These changes are pojected to also initiate April 7, 2013. The stations affected are:

1. Laredo North ( Only this station has proposed to rotate backwards)
2. Zapata Station
3. Cotulla Station
4. Freer Station
5. Hebbronville Station
6. Laredo South Station
7. Laredo West Station 
We will be working with the local stewards of each station to develop appropriate responses on the above mentioned shift changes. 

We will update our membership as true and accurate information is shared with us.