AFGE Membership Data Update

 For members that haven’t updated their addresses on the AFGE website.

If you would like to receive, a replacement membership card from AFGE and you don’t update your home address the card will be sent to the Union office in by default.

We have no way to forward the card. We usually will not know which station / program you work from and we have no way of acquiring your home address outside the AFGE database. The Agency does not give us home addresses of employees.

Please log in to the website and update your home address. Membership numbers can be supplied by us if you don’t have them.

Don’t miss out on the receiving local election information, union discounts, and rebates that your membership provides. Taking advantage of these can more than pay for your dues.

Updating your address is easy and will only take a couple of minutes.


If you need help with the AFGE Website, Please see below:

Keep Your Membership Status Current

Update Mailing Address

-        Go to the web page:

-        Place your cursor over the Log In button

                   (don’t press it yet)

-        When highlighted it will display Username and Password.

-        If you already have an account setup, proceed.

-        If you do not have an account setup, choose the small:

                   Create Username

-        It will ask you for your full Social Security Number and the zip code that is on file

(if you have moved to a new zip  code since you became a union member, put your original zip code).

-        It will ask you to setup a username and password.

-        Go through and do it, verify your info and update your profile with your correct mailing address